By J. B. Fagoyinbo

Anxiety is the most common symptom of patients seeing a psychiatrist or a psychologist. A high proportion of the youth today is believed to have an anxiety disorder; about the same proportion have depression which often accompanies anxiety.

In the youth anxiety develops from the thought of: (i) what to do after graduation from college; (ii) how to raise funds for business; (iii) which business to invest in; (iv) which location within or outside his environment, local government, state the country, etc. to settle in; etc. Anxiety becomes increasingly pronounced as the youth’s age at graduation; more importantly, if the individual comes from a home that places expectation upon him. Possibly he’s been trained to assist in training his younger ones.

Even youth from wealthy homes are not left out. Many responsible ones among them want to be self-sufficient as early as possible. A young man of 24 once told his parents in the beginning of his final year “Dad and mom, I appreciate what you’ve done for us. I just want to plead with you that immediately after graduation I want to thenceforth fend for myself.”

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Engr Joseph Babatunde Fagoyinbo was born on January 16, 1947. He enlisted for engineering education and obtained the BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1977 and an M.Eng degree in Environmental Engineering in 1982. He attended an 8-week training programme at the Fondation de l’Eau, Limoges France in July/August 1998 as the leader of a Nigerian delegation. In 2000 he also attended the UNESCO-sponsored Higher Hydrologicy Course at the Moscow State University in July/August 2000 Engr Fagoyinbo has since 1977 been having practsing in the field of engineering including design and construction supervision of water supply, river channel training works and environmental management facilities, industrial development, entrepreneurship, etc.

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