God with us


God with us
God with us (WordPress)

Fear not, Joseph,
To take unto thee Mary thy wife:
For that which,
In her conceived,
Of the Holy Ghost is.
Thou wilt JESUS name Him,
Emmanuel  shall He be called
. . . God with us.

The light of the knowledge
Of the glory of God  is
In the face of Jesus Christ seen.

The first gift of God
To the fallen man, He is;
The Seed of the woman:
A promise for salvation.

Christ, with the Father was one
From the days of eternity;
God’s image, exact replica
Of His greatness and majesty,
The outshining of His glory.

He came to our world
God’s glory to manifest.
To this sin-darkened earth,
The light of God’s love
To reveal,
God with us.

Both to men and angels
Was God revealed;
By coming to dwell
With man, as man:

The Word of God, He is
God’s thought made audible,
Thro’ which creation was made.
Follow me, said He;

The Light of the world,
The salt of the earth,

The Way,
TheTruth, and
The Life:
No man, the Father, reaches
But by Me.

His name:
Abundant in goodness,
And Truth,
Unto them, have I declared.
That the love,
Wherewith Thou hast loved Me,
May in them abide,
And I in them;
As You in Me.

The world as the lesson book
Of the universe:
Emmanuel, His Begotten,
To man and the angels
Was revealed.

God’s wonderful purpose
Of grace,
Treasured in the mystery
Of redeeming love,
Is the melody
Into which angels desire to look,
Their study will it be
Throughout eternity.

The glory of self-sacrificing love
Radiating from the Redeemer’s face
Hung brutally
On the Cross
Hope to give
To the Redeemed
And the angels unfallen;
Their knowledge
And their song to find.

The hill of condemnation
Transformed He
To Salvation platform

The Cross,
A symbol of shame
And condemnation
Transformed He
Into that for Victory,
Above all
Eternal Glory.

The Crown of Thorns;
A-mocking  His royalty and majesty
A Conquering Messiah-King
He became.
The crown
Of which He is worthy
Now received

His blood
They spilled:
Thorns and thistles
From the earth removed

His Cry of Pain
They mistook for weakness;
The Altar of God
To mankind revealed:
No more Gentiles,
No more Jews;
Partition wall removed.

Thirsty for His Father’s love,
Strong drink was He given,
That was ready to perish
Soured with vinegar and gall
His agony to increase;
Signifying God’s wrath
Over the sin of man.
Forsaken for our sake,
But for an instance was;
His Father’s bosom He gained
For eternal glory.

Ignorant we were;
Living Water Source
He is.
Hear His offer:
Ho, every one that thirsteth,
Come ye to the waters,
And he that hath no money;
Come ye,
And eat;
Yea, come,
Wine and milk purchase,
Without money,
Without price.
The Samaritan Woman,
At the Well, bear witness

A Precious Gift
From the Father, He is;
Our sins for to cleanse:
“Behold, Him have I given
For a witness to the people.”
A leader and commander
Was to the people,
His commission.

For unto us
A child is born,
A son is given:
Upon his shoulder
Shall the government be.

His name:
The mighty God,
The everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.
There shall be no end,
Of the increase,
Of His government
And peace.

(Joseph Babatunde Fagoyinbo, 2016)

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Engr Joseph Babatunde Fagoyinbo was born on January 16, 1947. He enlisted for engineering education and obtained the BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1977 and an M.Eng degree in Environmental Engineering in 1982. He attended an 8-week training programme at the Fondation de l’Eau, Limoges France in July/August 1998 as the leader of a Nigerian delegation. In 2000 he also attended the UNESCO-sponsored Higher Hydrologicy Course at the Moscow State University in July/August 2000 Engr Fagoyinbo has since 1977 been having practsing in the field of engineering including design and construction supervision of water supply, river channel training works and environmental management facilities, industrial development, entrepreneurship, etc.

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