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Explore with the facts of creation which are jointly released by the Holy Bible and evolution.

Evolution theory blunders because it decides to exclude God from His Works. The Bible revelation about creation is true but the interpreters did not bother to identify between God’s timing and man’s timing. The presents that Man (male and female) was created last and the same time, viz: date, hour, minute and second, but were formed at different times. The same Holy Bible declared that man (Adam) was the first being to be formed (Gen 2:7) and then a garden was planted for him (Gen 2:8) and vegetation came into existence (Gen 2:9).

Adam in the Garden of Eden

The first location that Ezekiel mentioned for Lucifer is the Garden of Eden (Eze 28:13) implying that he was formed after the Garden of Eden was planted. Thus, Adam was older than Lucifer

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