The Resurrection! God-Man Fellowship Restored


Unique are they
The Saviour stories:
Prophecies of His coming,
His birth, His life,
His teachings, His miracles,
His death,
His Resurrection,
And, above all,
His coming again,
To judge the living
And the dead.
The validity of His claims,
And of the Christian faith
On Resurrection rests.

United, inseparable
Twins they are.
Not identical, neither conjoined are they
But undivided remain
Unto the day of fate
When by force or nature
Apart made to go.
Of the Creator’s skill
The body is formed;
Material, of the earth, is
And, thus, is earthly.
From Him immortal
The spirit emerges,
Component part of God is,
Thus eternal, holy and invisible;
Life to man bestows.
Union of sperm and egg:
Together in mother’s womb,
Their form they took;
Same breasts they suck;
Warming back same is;
Diets, all are same;
Same water, inside and out,
Were they with washed.
One faces the turmoil without;
The stress is, by the internal, carried.

In love; together they live.
As one; bearing their joys and pains.
Not for a moment,
Are they ever apart:
Notwithstanding their different natures;
The body, the earthly is;
The celestial is his spirit;
In human nature they unite;
When, by fate or nature, are parted,
Time space is not defined:
A moment, a day or two;
A week or more it may be;
Maybe a month or a year;
Maybe, before John, the evangelist’s death;
Two millennia that now is;
A triennium, a quadrillenium or more
Christ Himself knows not;
To none is it revealed;
But like a nocturnal thief,
Warning. it gives not.

How long this separation,
God alone can tell.

The soul will the body embrace;
When at resurrection they meet.
Adam’s spirit, his body will know;
Abraham ‘ll identify his own.
The spirit, unchanged remains,
But, the body will return
More radiant than before;
Without wrinkles or blemish.

The stains of sin
The Blood of Christ has washed.
But if the Blood it misses
To God the spirit returns;
“Cause wrong deeds
Holiness does not embrace

Resurrection, not for man alone
Nations, from times and space,
From Adam through Noah in time,
Cutting across Egypt and Rome,
Africa, not left alone,
The British Empire,
The communist China,
Russia of the market economy
Fragmented from the socialist Soviets
Together will meet
With their different languages,
Features and lineaments,
All their heroes and leaders
Shall, with them, assemble
And acquainted with each other,
Shall try.

As before the days of Babel,
One language shall emerge;
Spoken also
By angels of light.
The ambitions of despots shall vanish
Giving way to peace, equality and love;
For man was not blessed
To rule his fellows.
How marvelous,
The resurrection meeting
With narratives
Of Long epochs?
The procession of the triumphant
Who, in their earthly lives,
Supported truth and morals
The best of all shall be.
Then the world shall once more
One nation, as created, become.

The third marvelous meeting
That of the humans is
With the distinguished angels
Who with God remain.
A happy and blissful experience
For angels and humans
A single choir to form

But the most wonderful meeting
With the Lord in His eminence
Will no other surpass.
This, no human can describe
‘Cause the language
Man has not received.

Death necessitated
The Resurrection Plan.
Result of disobedience.
But, God in His mercy
Prepared redemption for man
His Son, as ransom given.

God’s salvation plan
Through the Cross was:
Satan’s head,
Will the Seed of Eve bruise;
But Satan, to His Heel limited.
The seed of Eve
Did Lucifer misconstrue;
Thus planted His own;
In Cain manifesting.
Abel surely must die.
His head,
In the field was broken.

Where’s thy brother?
God besought Cain.
His guard You made me for?
Out of the earth
His blood to me cries!
Attend to his cry;
For heaven and earth
Yours they are.
The earth her strength
To you’ll yield no more
But a fugitive
And a vagabond
In the earth shalt thou be.
The curse was unto Cain;
Not to mankind.
Lucifer; his first failure

Within the sins of
Disobedience, murder,
Man ceased God to worship,
His existence denied;
Desires of their hearts
Did they gratify,
Scenes of pleasure
And wickedness
Reveled them in.

Nature, God’s creation,
Over and above Him adored,
Human genius glorified them in;
The works of their own hands
They worshiped,
And their children,
Thro’ fires, made to pass.
Earth, rich and beautiful still;
Pain to Satan was.
His early vigor,
Human race, retained;
Awaiting his manifestation
So creation‘ll from pain release.
Should to God’s service
Man himself devote
Creator’s name
Praise in the earth’ll be
And His purpose,
For man fulfilled.
But, sin;
The earth ravaged:
Corruption and violence filled;
The heart of man,
Lust, pride, gluttony,
Incest, lies, overtook;
Man, wiped off must be;
In hell was jubilation
Over the fall of man.
But a tiny ray,
Sharp and strong;
A beam of righteousness,
Emanating from Noah,
To Almighty reached
Filling His heart,
Compassion with.
Satan, again was defeated;
But, give up, he would not.

Giants they were;
Men of great stature
Endowed with strength;
Renowned for wisdom;
Skillful in devising
Most cunning
And wonderful works;
But in proportion to their skill
And mental ability,
Gave loose rein to iniquity.
On this would exploit.
Six score years
Will surely break Noah;
He thus set to work.
While the ark, Noah builded,
The message, he preached:
Flood would come,
Resulting from rains,
And all
Would to ruins come.
Repent ye and be saved
Desist ye from evil.
Positive message delivered him.
His works,
The commitment of his resources
His sincerity, both testified.
But him,
They jested and mocked,
What is rain?
There’d never been any!
What is flood?
Rivers, their banks
Never before overflown,
But safely, had their waters
Borne to the seas.
Noah, they claimed,
Mental delusion possessed.
Themselves, they counseled,.
No need for alarm
For the God of Creation
Would not the earth destroy.

But like a rock
Noah’s heart stood
Amidst the stormy
Contempt and scorn.
His righteous integrity
And unwavering faithfulness
Led him through
The six score years
With strength and vigor.
The ark was finished
To God’s specifics.
The beasts of the fields
In twos and sevens
As God ordained,
The birds of the air
All filed in;
Guided by angels of light.
The ants and the worms,
Butterflies and moths
Were not left out.
Noah’s family,
Eight in all
Ordained to take care.

The only massive door,
Too heavy for all to move,
Slowly by angelic hands
Was swung to shut.
Noah was shut in,
Satan was shut out.
The seal of Heaven
n the door was placed,
And a cloud of glory
Enveloped the ark;
Forming a fortress
Against Lucifer
Afore the ark’s entrance.
One week of waiting,
The testing of faith,
Noah failed not,
His sons firmly stood,
His wife a-caring.
And the rains came,
Never before seen,
Five months drifted the ark
Above the highest mountain.
Satan too, fear gripped
Thought his end had come;
But the Triune God
Had no time for him.
Forty days waited Noah
After spotting
The mountain top.
Additional fourteen days.
The dove olive leaf brought,
Evidence of receded flood;
The high flying raven
Having flown his own
But God led in,
And He, Noah believed
Must the team disperse.
The flood abated,
Satan’s fears allayed,
The prince of the dark,
Lurked on still;
Waiting, a crack to find
In the fortress of righteousness.

Patient he was,
Cush to Ham was born,
Then Mizraim followed;
No crack was seen!
And after came forth Put
The holy fortress,
Solidly remained.

Now, Noah had a vineyard,
His well-known occupation,
Into his spirit flowed.
His vineyard was blessed,
Multiples of vines.
Lucifer remembered
The apple and Eve,
Gluttony, man’s heart indwells;
He could not initiate
Any form of attack;
Opening he must seek.
Noah made merry
With extracts of his grapes;
His progeny partook.
On the morrow,
He took of the remains;
Intoxication ensued
‘Cause extract’d fermented.
Noah laid drunk;
His wife by his side;
No qualms, his tent it was.
Ham peeped in,
His father to greet.
Lo! Behold the beauty of creation;
God’s perfect design.
Satan, his chance he saw;
This he must take.

Ham’s heart,
The crucible he sought
Canaan was involved;
Consequence or cause
Thus on his offspring
The curse was placed.

Shem s reverence for Noah,
Japheth, an accomplice,
Thus, divine statutes,
For their descendants
Prophesied brighter future.
Blessed be Jehovah,
God of Shem;
Canaan, his servant will be.
In the tents of Shem
Japheth shall dwell;
He also Canaan shall serve.
Of the line of Shem
Cometh the Redeemer.
Blessed are they
Whose God the Lord is .

Again has lost.

Muted Babel enterprise;
A single community envisioned.
Contrasting creation blessing;
To be fruitful, and multiply,
And replenish the earth,
And subdue it.
The magnificent tower,
The heavens to reach,
A monument
Of the power and wisdom
On them bestowed by God,
A perpetuation
Of the builders’ fame
Future generations
To project into.
Their hearts, like that of Cain,
In rebellion rose up
Against their Creator.
Apartments, splendidly designed,
Furnished and adorned,
Were to their idols assigned.
But God, lovingly
Remembering His blessing
Confounded their language;
And thence,
Scattered them abroad.
The schemes of the builders
Thus ended in shame;
Defeat again, Satan’s reward.

Adam, Seth, Enoch,
Methuselah, Noah, Shem,
In endless line,
From age to age
Preserved the precious
evealing of God’s will.
Terah, inheritor was;
Of this holy faith.
Pollution set in:
He traded in idols.
But Abraham,
At the feet of Nahor,
Learned of the God of creation
Idolatry, on all sides
Bid him, but in vain.
Faithful among the faithless,
By prevailing apostasy,
Worship of the Creator
He steadfastly embraced.
God’s message,
To Abraham did come,
“Get thee out
Of thy country,
And from thy kindred,
And from thy father’s house,
Unto a land
That I will show thee.”
Separated must he be,
From the land of his youth.
His enduring obedience
Earned his offspring
The land of Canaan.
By faith he became
In the land of promise.
Dwelling in tents,
With Isaac and Jacob,
The heirs with him
Of the same promise.

Out of Abraham’s generation
Shall He bring forth
The Seed of the woman;
Not born of sin,
But of purity,
Holiness and virtue.
As His Son
To Him is precious,
So precious
Must Isaac to him be;
Sarah’s barrenness
Divinely designed:
Not of infidelity,
Nor of infirmity;
Not of affliction,
Nor of unrighteousness.
Precious, Isaac must be
Abraham’s faith to test
And confirm to the Creator,
There’s one man,
Willing to sacrifice his own.
Sarah’s heart Lucifer infested
With the tradition of the East
“You’ve passed the age of bearing”
Lucifer to her ministered.
Abraham, born in Adam’s likeness
To the words of Sarah fell.
Ishmael was born
Seven princes to bear.

Thirteen years betwixt Isaac was born 
With the Promise of a Prince
Who Isaiah declared
Shall grow up before Him
As a tender plant,
And as a root
Out of a dry ground:
No form hath he
Nor comeliness;
And when beheld,
There’ll be no beauty
That we should desire him;
Despised He’ll be,
Rejected by all;
A man of sorrows,
Destined to be;
Unvalued and acquainted with grief:
Our faces, from Him we’ll hide;
But He’ll bear our grief,
And carry our sorrows:
For our sins was He smitten;
For our iniquities He was bruised;
We’ll be healed,
With His stripes;
At His feet,
Our burdens can we lay.

At Calvary Noah fully appeared:
Shem manifested
In the Jewish religious leaders;
Desiring the Messiah dead;
Japheth appeared in the Romans
Jointly participating,
With the Jews, to crucify
The Lord of glory;
And Ham was revealed
In Simon of Cyrene,
Bearing in servitude
The Cross of the Savior;
And confirming that He,
The free and the bond
Did come to save.

Distinguished philosophers,
Over the centuries,
Christianity have viewed as
Foolish and gullible.
Central matter of His resurrection
Many chose to ignore;
Others, through various theories,
Dismissed they tried;
But the historical evidence
Undiscounted remains.
Who, but us, can confirm our report,
And, who but us, our evidence refute .

Three hundred,
Three score and five prophecies
Jesus fulfilled
Of the promised Messiah:
Five scores of them
Relate to His birth:
The Creator declared Him,
For the salvation of Man.

The Seed of Eve
Would the head
Of Lucifer’s seed bruise;
Jacob planted Him
In the tribe of Judah,
The scepter, he said
Shall not from him depart;
Isaiah foreshadowed
The virgin birth of Christ,
An offspring of Jesse;
Micah envisioned Him
In Bethlehem of Judea;
Jeremiah pinned Him
To the loin of David;
David saw Him
As his Lord;
Liberating him
From the grip of hell.

A millennium ahead His birth;
David, the vision of His death received:
Mocked by those for whom He came;
His vesture, they cast lots for;
His bones they dislocated;
His hands and feet,
With nails, were pierced;
His righteousness
Shall, generations to come
Be declared.
Christ Himself
To Jonah’s three days
In the belly of the whale,
Compared His death
His resurrection a-pair.

Isaiah saw the battering
Of His body
Deprived of comeliness;
Nailed along with the wicked,
But in the sepulcher of the rich laid;
His Soul an offering
For sin is made;
Yet His days He did prolong.

Job, in his travail,
Saw his redemption in Christ;
Centuries ahead of Moses.
The patriarchs and the prophets
All in Him unite.

A tiny moment of triumph
Satan had enjoyed;
Believing triumphant they were
Over fallen man
‘Cause their Redeemer
Was in the grave laid.
But short their triumph was
For Christ walked forth
From His penal house
A majestic conqueror.
Satan, then,
His looming doom saw
Thereby salvation path for man,
Christ laid open
For those, who will be saved.

Evidences abound
For the resurrection proof:
Empty tomb
Sunday following crucifixion;
Real experiences
Disciples of Him had;
Holy Spirit Descent,
The promise of Christ,
Disciples for, to empower;
Church astronomical growth;
Resurrection claim
In Jerusalem began,
The city of crucifixion;
In the lives
Of the perpetrators;
Resurrection claim spread.

The testimony of
Hundreds of millions
Of transformed lives
Thro’ the centuries
Reveals the Resurrection power:
Many delivered,
Who were in bondage;
Millions have found hope,
Who once were destitute;
Broken marriages,
At His feet restored; and,
Most astonishing,
In the Hearts of His believers’
He doth abide.
Granting believers
Victory over death.

Satan’s final defeat
But, give up he would not.
Christ said of him
Like a roaring lion, he roars
Claws to fight, he has not
Devoid of teeth to tear.
But fear, he instills
In the hearts
Of the weak in faith.

A choice we have to make,
The blessings of Japheth for;
Or curse of Canaan to choose.
The righteous Seed
Aye, the Seed of Eve,
The Seed of Shem
Coming through Abraham
Of the bosom of David
Yet his Lord is.

By submission to Him
And faith in Him
As God’s provision
Of forgiveness
And righteousness for sinners;
The blessings of Japheth
For us are there to own,
Persisting in our sins, we come
Under the curse of Canaan.

(Joseph Babatunde Fagoyinbo, 2016)

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