Clothed in God's Glory

The Temptation

Temptation is the inclination to carry out an action through manipulation or distortion of facts that is known to be at variance with the norm of the community. When the individual yields, it often leads to dire consequences when detected. The action may be carried out against the norms of one’s faith; in which case, it is known as sin. When committed against the law of the land, it is known as an offence in the extreme case it is called a crime.

My secretary once told me that she had never told a lie! She said that she didn’t know if she did when she was a child. True! She’d been brought up for truth, we’ll say. But let’s say her husband did something that may land him in jail, she’s likely to fall into the temptation of telling a lie to cover up the action. She may, however, not yield to that temptation. Let’s look at another small temptation. I was about eight years old when I fell into this temptation. It was on one Saturday when I went with my father’s cousin to his farm. On coming back, my sister gave me a piece of meat but I decided that I would eat it with dinner. In Yoruba children upbringing, it is strictly unethical to eat meat except with meals, you eat the meat last: to round up the meal. Occasionally, I was tempted to eat the piece of meat as I knew that our grandmother would normally give us meat with our meals, but I faced the risk of not getting meat if my grandmother felt that the piece of meat was adequate for my dinner; but I resisted the temptation.

Later in the day, there was a discussion on how sweet dog meat was but I condemned it and swore that I would never eat dog meat, only for my sister to declare that the meat she gave me when I came in from the farm was that of a dog. My grandmother’s cousin, staying with us, was a hunter and it was on that day that Ogun, the god of iron, was worshiped. Dogs are sacrificed to Ogun during its festival and the man shared the meat to all the children in the compound. My sister collected my own portion for me. She was shocked that I had not eaten it. I did not as much as lick it.

This incidence built up a resistance in me; that I don’t eat anything except I know the source. I was eight years old then and my sister was thirteen. She realized then that it was not right for her to eat dog meat and she tried if she could vomit the meat but it was impossible.

It must be clear that temptation is not sin but submission to temptation to carry out some evil deed. However, God’s laws are different from man’s laws. God’s laws realize that temptations can cross your mind but they forbid you allowing such thoughts from lingering. You must dismiss the thought immediately. You may have a flash attraction to your neighbor’s spouse. You must not allow it to linger on“I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” (Matt 5:28, KJV), otherwise, you may start developing plans to actualize it. Man’s laws only take account of executed action. You may think the whole of your life of breaking into a bank but until such action is carried out the laws have no knowledge of it.

Cothd in God's Glory
Adam and Eve Clothed in God;s Glory

We are dealing with QMC, thus let’s go back to our Matriarch. Satan must have been making all possible plans for Adam and QMC to transgress. He was aware that the sin that God hates most is disobedience. He was aware that God would give Adam a test on his loyalty. He was aware that God had breathed His breath into his nostril and had enveloped them in His glory but he was determined that man should not be allowed to survive the test period. He mustered his forces. They held meetings on all possible strategies.

He saw plants grew on the earth; mainly outside the garden. In varying shades, shapes, colors and sizes some were grasses bringing their ears, he noticed the shrub bringing their seeds, he noticed the trees growing. They too, he suspected, would bring fruits like the fruit trees in the Garden of Eden. He saw the two trees in the middle of the Garden standing all by themselves in the Garden. They were the only ones that grew up in the Garden. The others were planted for Adam for food. What were they for! He wondered.

And the springing forth of the River Eden which parted into four to water the Garden was astonishing to him. There was no end to beautifying the earth for man. He became more jealous. He was totally engulfed by jealousy. Now, he had seen what the plants looked like but the birds and the fish and the animals he had not fashioned out

He noticed Adam working with God on the fishes the birds and the animals and that they were produced male and female. He wasn’t aware of what male and female meant as there was no such distinction in heaven. So man would have dominion over these!

Satan coveted Adam, not just for the beauty of the Garden but also for his freedom. Adam had everything to himself. He was given dominion over the fish of the seas, the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field. But he did not know how they would all be. He saw the father-son relationship between God and man. He was aware he couldn’t enter into the presence of the LORD God without invitation but he sneaked around to watch what the LORD God and Adam were doing on daily basis. He watched the molding of the animals, one after another. God decided He was going to use Satan to test the allegiance of Adam. Would he fall like some of the angels?

Satan shot an arrow on the formation of animals into his mind. Adam quickly dismissed it.

The LORD God knew He would disperse them unto the surface of the earth but they needed to be trained to submit their will to His will. He decided that the trees of the knowledge of good and evil and of life were only to be found in the Garden. After He must have tested them, He would then allow them to eat of them at their will. Then, they could go with their seeds and propagate them. Satan kept on fashioning out how he would deceive man into rebellion.

Satan noticed that Adam was more responsive to God than even the angels. Every idea he tried to put into Adam’s mind were as quickly thrown off as a child would throw off a hot cake. When the trees of life and of the knowledge of good and evil began fruiting God gave His command to Adam “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Gen 2:17, KJV).

Then QMC was formed from the rib of Adam. Satan saw an increased opportunity for temptation.

Satan found QMC a harder nut to crack than Adam. Her mind was always full of praises for the Creator. Her soul continually worshiped the LORD God. Each morning she worshiped the LORD God with:

  1. Holy, holy, holy! Lord Our Creator!
    When we wake each morning
    We ‘ll raise our voices up;
    Unto thy throne of mercy
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Marvelous in act,
    God the thoughtful Creator,
    Of man, and birds and beasts
    Blessed God, Almighty!
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Angels sing praises,
    Casting down their golden crowns
    Their heads to thee do bow,
    Around the glassy sea.
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Mighty in deeds
    Cherubim and seraphim
    Falling down before thee,
    Thy worship to do.
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Our hearts to thee we lift,
    Though in probation still,
    Thy glory we do see,
    For thou alone art holy.
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
    Our bless’d eyes, thee behold.
    Beside thee, there is none
    In power, love, and purity, perfect.
  1. Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
    All thy works in heaven,|
    On earth, in sky and sea;
    shall thy name exalt?
  1. Holy, holy, holy! In works marvelous
    And gloriously mighty,
    God the thoughtful Creator,
    Blessed Almighty! 

Satan thought of gorilla. But gorilla was very dedicated to the ideas of QMC.

He tried to work out discord between her and Adam. “You’re not of the same status as Adam. He was made out of the earth but you were made out of a refined portion of his flesh.” Satan suggested. “He’s more of earth while you’re more of flesh. You’re an improvement over the initial work of God”

“I couldn’t have been superior. He had God’s direct breath. Mine was secondary.” Little did she know that it was Satan that suggested the idea into her mind. She redirected her thought.

My early morning thought thou art
Late night thought withheld
‘Cause in thy bosom I lie
For me, have thou longed
For thee wast I made;
Delight from thee to me flowed.

My life for thee was made
My comfort thy concern
Thy touch my stimulant
Thy kiss my inspiration
Forever we’ll this be
Eden our home remai

The earth, the content of thy body,
The breath of God thy soul.
Of thee, was I fashioned
A little portion of thee am I.
That is, for me, enough;
Next to God for me, thou art

How many years in thee I was,
Afore the Almighty brought me out?
Through thy ribs
Was I fashioned out.
Though closer to earth thou art,
Thy breath, direct from God thou got.

Though, it always seemed mean
It was well worth it;
Able to get a cuddle from thee,
Bringeth happiness and contentment
Things thou do. may to me feel trivial
But thy love in me, like ox, strong

God for us all, provides
But thou for me, He made.
In thee, my strength is laid
In me, thy help is placed.
And when thy hands, I feel
God’s wisdom, to me, revealed.

Two days to go and Adam and his wife would be free but his end would come. No! The earth he must wrench from man.

God’s laws are as sacred as God Himself. They reveal His will, a record of His character. They express His divine love and wisdom. The harmony of creation is contingent upon the perfect conformity of all creatures, animate and inanimate, to His law. And conformity is tied to obedience.

God ordained laws for the earth to move, rotate and oscillate on its divinely designed course. The moon has its course. The sun, the king of all stars, has its course and its role. The winds respond to the harmony of the activities of the stars and the planets, the movement of the oceans and the seas, their tides and currents all respond to the accord of roles. Their laws are fixed and natural. All these combined, make up the day, the season and the year. The winds also, to them, respond with respect to their movements.

Man alone was bound by moral laws. He has the breath of God in him. To man, the crowning work of creation, God has given the power to understand His requirements, to comprehend the justice and beneficence of His law, and its sacred claims upon him; and of man, unswerving obedience is required. Compliance with these laws will assist him to realize his blessings “God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” (Gen 1:28, KJV).

Having been expelled from heaven and condemned to destruction “Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee. Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee. All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more.” (Ezek 28:17-19, KJV), Satan realized he was no longer free to stir up rebellion in heaven, thus, his hatred of God found a new ground in plotting the destruction of God’s images; the human race. In the happiness and peace of the holy pair in Eden, he witnessed a vision of the bliss that to him was forever lost.

Two days to the end of man’s trial Satan decided to call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the unholy angels. All forces must be harnessed in these two days to accomplish his mission of plunging these innocent beings into the same misery which he was himself passing through, cast dishonor upon God and cause sorrow in heaven.

Two days to go, the holy angels were joyful of the stance of Adam and his Help Meet. QMC had been more resilient than Adam. She established the daily praise of God and in her heart was found praise worship unto the LORD God most of the time and occasionally admiration songs for her husband. The end of Satan was at hand. Man would then be released to have dominion over the earth and allowed to propagate his kind in childbirth and Adam and his descendants would finally be placed beyond Satan’s power, to enjoy perpetual favor with God.

The EGM of the fallen angels was chaotic. Fear gripped the entirety of Satan’s gang; realizing that in the two days following man would be crowned and have full authority over the earth. Adam was not made aware of the crowning ceremony, thus, there were no preparations in Eden; but, among the holy angels, great preparations were on for the crowning of man.

Hours on end there was no sanity within the meeting, but Satan was determined. He shouted and howled and roared. In the end, he was able to get them to realize that the fall of man was the only hope they had. None could present a logical method of making man fall. Satan also lost hope but he determined that he would not give up.

Adam and QMC knew intimately all creatures, whether they dwelled in Eden or beyond. He knew the fishes and the birds. He had named them all, and he was acquainted with the nature and habits of all. God’s glory in the heavens, the innumerable minerals in the earth and the uncountable blessings of God in the sky above were not hidden from them. The LORD God had explained to them the relationship between the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars and the other planets. Their interactions give the day, the seasons and the year. His own working pattern created the week. The number seven was a special number to God and for that reason, he created the week and sanctified the seventh day as Sabbath for rest.

God presented Himself to the Holy Pair as a father. All their questions he would answer directly or give them as assignments. He made them observe the working of nature, the relative movements of the sun, the moon, the earth and other planets in relation to seasons and weather. He helped them to develop inquisitive minds concerning the worlds in their orderly revolutions; the mysteries of the clouds, of alternations day and night, and the rustling of the leaves in response to the winds and sound were revealed by the Creator to the holy pair.

The LORD God was pleased with His children. Their level of assimilation was fantastic. From every event, they gained new knowledge. The order and harmony of creation spoke to them of the infinite wisdom and power of the Creator. On daily basis, they discovered some new attraction that filled their hearts with deeper love for Him and called forth fresh expressions of gratitude.

Satan reconvened the EGM. There was panic in him. The fallen angels accepted what was about to happen’ after all it was God that created them if He was to destroy them and wipe them out of existence it would be better than for them to be wanderers with no abode. But, not so with Satan; he wanted a domain.

They all carried with them mournful faces. They had all given up on existence; they were all awaiting their doom.

“I’ve summoned you for this important meeting because of the shortness of time for us to cause man to offend God.” Satan began. “We cannot afford to allow man to have complete control over every creature. We are also creatures. God has blessed man and granted him control of the land, the sky and the waters. If we do nothing about it, we’ll be wiped out of existence

“We must all reason together. We have less than two days for man to have absolute control of the earth. We must not allow this. We need the world for our operations and our domain.”

The fallen angels read panic clearly in Satan. None had any idea what they could do. There was chaos. Two EGMs in one day! Satan always issued out instructions. He does not seek counsel.

The EGM was terminated by Satan’s fury.

Satan sought for gorilla. What for, he did not know but he believed that the solution to his dilemma lies with the gorilla. Gorilla had walked all day and was having a good sleep when Satan sighted it. He kept on watching as gorilla continued in its sleep and a thought occurred to him. If he could confuse gorilla with a myriad of dreams it would forget its mission and would possibly return to QMC for a re-brief.

Gorilla woke up with a great confusion in its mind. It returned to Eden, gave its report and explained its confusion on the message to the Atlantic. QMC was satisfied with the outcome so far accomplished.

There was to be a praise conference in the last week of the seventh month. Gorilla had offered to carry the message to all creatures. The conference was to hold at the outlet of River Pison where it discharged into the sea. There is a large plain that would contain the animal population as well as allow participation by all sea creatures. Gorilla was to identify the exact location that would offer perching facilities for the birds and adequate water expanse for all water creatures as well as offer good space for the land creatures. Gorilla requested griffon vulture’s assistance to obtain a good view of the proposed praise ground. Griffon vulture’s assistance was approved by QMC and gorilla instantly returned to its assignment.

Satan spent the night working out false dreams in the minds of Adam and QMC but to no avail. Every attempt to induce pride in QMC failed. Adam had spent lonely days on end before God made him a helper meet, thus pride never entered his mind. There was contentment.

Adam and QMC were oblivious of the impending crowning ceremony. Less than 24 hours and the hosts of Heaven were expectant that man would survive the trial and would be crowned to rule the earth. Notwithstanding the blessing of dominion, he needed the scepter of office.

QMC’s dedication to the LORD God was absolute so also was her love to her husband. They both reveled in love, swam in the grace of the Father and drowned themselves in the glory of His mercy.

On the last day of the trial period, Satan became depressed. Gorilla was not a willing tool. His attempt to create confusion in the minds of the Holy Pair was futile. He saw no wisdom in calling another EGM. They had no suggestions. All of his angels had resigned to fate; all carrying mournful faces.

Serpent had heard of the QMC but had not been opportune to meet with her. It made up its mind that it would not be on the day of the seventh-month assembly that they would have their first encounter. It heard of the wonderful Sabbath programs and morning worship assemblies organized by QMC. It heard of the roles of all the animals that were frequent to the Garden. It heard of the beauty of QMC that surpassed that of Adam and her unequaled dedication to God.

She was known to be firm in her decisions and frank in her talks. The nature of her daily assignments granted her great opportunities to interact with other creatures. The birds, the reptiles, the four-footed beasts all adore her.

Serpent was a tender creature, considered wise but subtil. It was one of the most beautiful creatures. Its land movement gave it a swinging poise that wriggled rhythmically. When the sun shined on the body it presented a dazzling brightness, having the color and brilliancy of gleaming gold. It had the capacity of walking either on two legs or on four. On sighting the serpent QMC was fascinated by its beauty, its rhythmically swinging poise that wriggled on motion. It spoke with a captivating voice that enthralled QMC. Its musical voice, that fascinated QMC, raised the praise of her surpassing loveliness. QMC threw caution to the winds and got enthralled in discussion with serpent.

One of the fallen angels within earshot filed a report to Satan who immediately came in for trial. All the fallen angels knew that serpent was good at speech-making. Seven hours remaining for man to scale the hurdle Satan saw a chance; infest the mind of serpent and talk through it. QMC was oblivious to the fact that the fascinating serpent could become the medium of Satan. Serpent talked of the beauty of creation outside of Eden and wondered why Adam and QMC had not paid a visit to the world outside of Eden.

“There’s no constraint on time,” QMC responded sharply.

Serpent realized that she was a woman with authority but the arrow of the devil I n it prompted it to pluck a fruit to eat. It had never done such before. It ate the fruit with relish.

“But other animals don’t eat fruits!” QMC expressed. “They eat herbs and grasses”

“They are good for eating.”  Serpent replied. Satan blocked out what was to follow the sentence that it was the first time that it would ever try such. He knew he had to tread softly with QMC. Serpent talked about the oceans and the mass of water therein. QMC had seen the sea into which River Pison discharged. It made QMC aware that the ocean is vast and much larger than the sea. It talked about the creatures in the oceans. It talked about hills and valleys and ridges and meadows. “There’s a great variety of creatures outside the Garden.”

The angels of light were troubled by the dangerous situation in which QMC was. They wished Adam would surface to reinforce her belief in the words of the LORD God and avert the impending disaster. On their own, there was no assistance they could offer. They saw in the serpent Satan’s plan to inject the venom of his pride, the desire to be like God, into QMC.

The foundation of the government of God is the law of obedience which manifests in the happiness of all beings and which builds upon their perfect accord with its unlimited principles of righteousness. The LORD God desires from all His creatures the service of love which springs from an appreciation of His character. Interference by the holy angels would be tantamount to forced obedience.  To all, He grants freedom of will, that they may render Him voluntary service.

As long as creation acknowledges the allegiance of obedience, there exists perfect harmony throughout the universe created by Him. It is the unending joy of the heavenly host to fulfill the purpose of the Creator; delighting in reflecting His glory and singing forth His praise. And while obedience to God was supreme, love for one another was confiding and unselfish and requires every creature to faithfully discharge assigned responsibilities. This principle applies to both animate and inanimate creatures.

Adam felt uneasy at his location and sought for QMC. He headed for where she was expected to be but was sighted with serpent walking towards the center of the Garden. They were highly engrossed in a discussion about life in the Garden, life outside the Garden and interrelations within and among the creatures.

Serpent plucked another fruit and again ate. Hitherto no animal had eaten fruits. God ordained herbs and grasses for them. Adam was amazed to see serpent chew on fruits He was a man of very good sight and thus his eyes would not deceive him. He planned to discuss this with the LORD God in the cool of the day.

Noticing that QMC did not pluck any fruit, serpent remarked: “Hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” (Gen 3:1). The question seemed harmless but portended the level of innocence that could be damaging to the obedience required by God. Satan was inwardly happy at the turn of events but still had to tread cautiously. Any little mistake would set QMC on guard and he would lose out.

“We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” (Gen 3:2-3. KJV). QMC responded sharply, showing her displeasure at the question.

The host of heaven was in a dilemma what to do. Prayer would interfere with the course of the trial. They wished, and they could only wish, that Adam would surface to save the situation.

Satan noticed the approach of Adam and sought for how to delay him. None of the fallen angels had the power to influence thoughts, yet he could not afford to leave QMC and serpent at this critical point. Should Adam catch up with them the game would be up.

Adam’s attention was drawn away from the conversing pair by a rustling in the canopy of Grain orchard nearby. He wondered if there was another animal plucking fruit for eating. He went in to investigate.

Serpent cunningly chaperoned QMC to the tree of knowledge, plucked one of the fruits and took a bite, “Ye shall not surely die” (Gen 3:4), the serpent assured. He further explained. “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Gen 3:5, KJV). It reached out, plucked a fruit and handed it over to QMC. She remembered that the LORD God had mentioned to her hearing, in her separate existence, His provision to the other living creatures “And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat.” (Gen 1:30, KJV).

“Was it Adam that added neither shall ye touch it to the command?” She tried to remember what the instruction was when she was part of Adam. She could not place it. That was a long time ago! She could not recollect that God mentioned the phrase in any of His discussions with them either. She considered the fruit. Serpent ate same with delight. She had never seen any of the animals pluck any fruit. Serpent did pluck and even ate, yet it did not die.

Serpent moved a few steps away from QMC so that she could again see the radiance of its skin and the elegance in its poise as against other animals.

Adam’s mind moved away from the conversing pair and went to admire the works of his Creator. He remembered the patience and the skill in the formation of the animals of all shapes and sizes from dust even to the tiniest of all living. He was there when the LOD God formed the elephant, the whale, the hippopotamus, the ostrich, the kangaroo, the zebra with its long neck. He was there when God formed the hog-nosed bat, the bee hummingbird, the Etruscan shrew, mouse lemur and the pygmy rabbit. He admired His patience in the formation of such tiny insects as the fairyfly and the featherwing beetle. Male and female He made them all.

Perceiving no evil results from serpent’s consumption of the fruit, she took a bite. It tasted like other fruits: sweet and desirable. She did not notice any transformation in her body system. But she imagined herself at a higher pedestal of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Why then did God deny them of the fruit of knowledge?

There was a sharp pain in his heart. Adam had never felt any discomfort in all his life. QMC had taken a bite of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He remembered he was following after the conversing pair and headed for where they were. He saw QMC holding a fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. His heart sank. “So that was the source of the pain!” He believed Eve would die.

The host of God was stunned. What would Adam do? Follow his wife to eat of the fruit or ignore her and allow God to deal with her?

QMC grew bolder, having transgressed God’s command to them, she became the agent of Satan in working the ruin of her husband. In a state of strange, unnatural excitement, with her hands filled with the forbidden fruit, she sought his presence. But Adam was nigh.

“What’s this that you’ve done?” He demanded. “But God’s commandment to us is that we must not eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? Why mother of all creatures?”

Adam felt exhausted. In one day he had got two experiences that brought discomfort to him; pain in the heart and exhaustion. He was in a dilemma.

Astonished and alarmed, he said, “This must be the foe against whom we’ve been warned, and by the divine sentence you’ll die.”

“Don’t judge me before the LORD God. You’ve not experienced what I felt. The LORD God knows how much we love and extol Him. The serpent ate it and I’ve eaten it. None of us is dead!” QMC responded. Eat the fruit for increased knowledge and wisdom. “Can’t you see that when we know what is good and what is evil, we’ll not sin against God? Besides, the LORD God created us in His image”

“You have transgressed the LORD God’s command to us, you’ve disregarded the only prohibition laid upon us as a test of our fidelity and love and have tagged us as disobedient children. Mother of creatures, how could you have allowed this serpent to beguile you? I was there when it was formed and you were there in me; not so with you.”

Adam had a terrible struggle in his mind. He mourned that he allowed himself to be distracted by the rustle he heard in that orchard. Had he come directly he would.ve been able to stop her. But now the deed was done he would have to be separated from the woman whose companionship had been his joy.

Adam remembered that he had enjoyed the companionship of God and of holy angels. He had bathed in the glory of the LORD GOD his Creator. He was well aware of the lofty destiny opened to his offspring should they remain obedient to the LORD God.

How long would he have to wait to have another companion? What would God do with him? She was an individual with free will. Should he have given her the freedom to move away from him? But God created her with free will. He knew that the same LORD God who formed him from the dust of the earth and formed the woman using one of his ribs could form another woman for him using another of his ribs but he could not imagine himself enduring separation from his companion. They would both die and the LORD God would form another set of human beings.

“But what will happen after death?” He thought within. “Shall we go into oblivion? What happens to our souls and our spirits and the flesh? Or shall we, like the fallen angels become homeless?

“He wondered if Satan would not torment them.” With these uncertainties, he decided he could not leave his companion to face the wrath of God alone.

Adam took a bite… and another. The fruit was eaten.

Submission to Temptation Led to loss of Glory Clothing

Obedience, honor, loyalty and love to the Creator were overborne by love to Eve. She was a part of him. He knew that the same God who had in love, given him a companion, could supply her place. He determined to share her fate; if she must die, he would die with her. After all, he reasoned, might not the words of the subtil serpent be true? They were still alive.

But the consequence of their disobedience fell upon them both. Adam’s heart was filled with guilt and the atmosphere of peace and tranquillity changed; they began to feel the sense of sin, a dread of the future and a nakedness of soul. The glory of God that had been their garment disappeared and to supply its place they endeavored to fashion for themselves a covering.

Serpent felt a sense of remorse. It did not understand itself. It recollected that its original plan was coming to the Garden of Eden to see the QMC that had been so much talked about. It recollected that it was enthralled by her beauty, her hymnal voice and the royalty that surrounded her. It wondered what prompted it to eat fruits. Fruits were not its diet. God gave them shrubs and grasses to eat. After its formation, God had blessed it “Be fruitful and multiply and feed upon every green herb for meat.”

Notwithstanding the bliss of heaven, the fall of man was a big blow to joy and happiness that had prevailed after Lucifer’s expulsion. Every ministering angel felt for them both. Adam had been consistent and faithful in tendering the Garden and had been dutiful in the welfare of other creatures. QMC had dedicated herself to the praise and worship of the LORD God.

Satan exulted in his success. He had tempted the woman to distrust God’s word, to doubt His wisdom, and to transgress His law, and through her, he had caused the overthrow of Adam.

But QMC had not transgressed for her desire to become like God is not inherently evil nor does it suggest the desire to compete or become equal with God, no more than a child wanting to become like his parent constitute an affront to the position of the parent.

“God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” (Gen 1:26, KJV). The origin of the fall centered in induction to disobedience, the result of which are all the natures of sin, pride, arrogance, and many others as well as vanity. WMC’s failure was not the result of an already predisposed nature to sin, but rather that she was negligent in her responsibility to obey the commandment in faith.

Man has a responsibility to obey God’s commandments in faith. As long as he keeps that condition he will have the power to avoid temptation. Once he denies the commandments, he loses the power to avoid the overpowering desire for illicit love, which is the only force stronger than the force of truth. God’s commandment concerning the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was to last the period of trial, after when man would receive the scepter of authority and dominion.

The will of obedience interacting with the powers of faith and love in harmony would be strong enough to keep the power of love in check. As QMC gave up the commandment, she simultaneously lost the freedom to choose and became dominated by the desire to sin. QMC’s fall is not a result of freedom, but rather the result of the loss of freedom in failing to obey the commandment.

Should QMC be stigmatized for the fall?

Satan can be persistent in its devious plans. Going forward in history, Satan was patient enough for the period of the flood through to Ham’s fourth son to make Canaan the cause or effect of a stain in the family of God-acclaimed righteous Noah “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord… a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” (Gen 6:8-9, KJV). Note also the subtil way in which he lured God to allow him to deal with Job “Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.” (Job 1:9-11, KJV). We must be consciously aware of the wiles of the devil “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2 Cor 2:11, KJV). St Paul warned, “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” (1 Cor 10:12, KJV).

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