Sabon Gaya Villagers Blocked Kaduna-Abuja Expressway to Protest Kidnapping Activities
Sabon Gaya Villagers Blocked Kaduna-Abuja Expressway to Protest Kidnapping Activities


Babatunde Fagoyinbo

Sabon Gaya

Sabon Gaya is a small community about 20 kilometres from Kaduna. It is located on the Kaduna-Abuja Expressway. The community has the distinction of hosting the Kaduna State’s National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp.

The community is overseen by Sarki Umar Mohammed who is directly subordinate to the District Head. Sabon Gaya is in the Gbagyi 1 Chiefdom under the rule of Dr. Danjuma Shekwaagaza Barde mfr, fimi. The Kingdom was created, along with others in the Makarfi era. Sarki Umar Mohammed has been sarki since 2008.

Sabon Gaya has an estimated population of about 6000 by 2014 estimate. This should imply a Christian population of about 3,500. There are eleven local Churches represented by the following denominations: Truth and Light Ministry, Baptist, RCCG, C & S, COCCIN, ECWA, Roman Catholic and the Anglican Communion.

The population is mixed; comprising almost all the ethnic groups available across the country. The interesting thing about that community is that all the Christian men I have encountered, that reached the community as bachelors, married girls from the Southern Kaduna ethnic groups.

The weekly market is held on Friday.

Anti-Social Activities.

Sabon Gaya was noted for kidnapping. Security forces tagged the community as a high-risk zone.

Not that the inhabitants of Sabon Gaya were the practitioners but the kidnappers had the doyen located in a den close to Sabon Gaya and had informants located within the community. To the glory of God, the den had been located and the informants identified.

The Almighty has re-established peace in the community.

Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is young. Established in 2015, growth has so far eluded it for two main reasons

  1. It does not have a place of worship; and
  2. The congregation does not understand the concept of evangelism; and
  • The economy is so biting that Anglican Communion members in the community prefer to attend other denominations where sanctuaries are in place.

In the tradition of the overseeing Parish “difficulty” is not in the language of evangelism; “Possible is the watchword.

The first duty is to make the congregation aware of the concept of evangelism. It is believed that once the Church can launch out into evangelism, the Holy Spirit will help the Church to grow. The physical growth may not immediately affect the local Church but over time, and when the sanctuary is in place, the local Church will grow in number

Strategies for evangelising the community was mapped out by the Mission Committee of the overseeing Parish, St Christopher’s Anglican Church located on 14 Sokoto Road, Kaduna, Nigeria.

A profile of the congregation, a brief of the teachings on evangelism and a brief of the outreach events will follow in series.

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